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find a car of your dream

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Accelerate profitability with rich automotive industry insights

Rushing to buy a used car usually end up being costly. Sometimes waiting for too long also can make you pay more as the buyer.

We ensure you get the best value for your money for any used cars/ Trucks/ Buses and also new units. We provide statistics of the current market and advice on ways to save while working within the shortest time to deliver.

What Car Is Right For Me

The best car is the one that goes within a reasonable budget. Cheap car doesn't guarantee the quality. We highly recommend the buyer to be patient and seek proper advice before rushing and purchasing a unit.

Expert Car Care Advice

It's best to have the car serviced in Japan before shipping it. Also this depends on the clients willingness to follow our advice. 

It is cheaper to replace tyres for instance than to replace them once the car has arrived at the destination. Again quality determines the price.


The next generation of automotive information to drive your business forward

Auto Financing Services

 We offer inspection services, worn out parts replacement and also help when it comes to searching for parts.

We pre-inspect cars before purchase, whether stocks or Auctions. Tandi offers the best quality of services within the most reasonable cost.

Auto Lead Qualification

We have the best and qualified personnel when it comes to delivery of both used and Brand new Japanese cars, who will also pre-inspect before purchase and before shipping.

Automotive Acquisition

We inspect used cars, change parts where necessary and replace at a reasonable cost. We also offer assistance at the port of entry with clearing and forwarding advice.

Automotive Fraud Service

To avoid fraud, please follow simple instructions and remit money directly to T&I account as indicated on our site and also do so after receiving an invoice from our staff. Always feel free to inquire in case you have some concerns.

Quality & Service

About Us

We are a car and machinery export company based in Tokyo. We also buy used cars directly from end users.

We work on win win situation and aim at satisfying our clients needs. We do sell domestically also with insurance package.

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